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LO's for Excellence: 
  • Distinguish between excellence and mediocrity.
  • Learn that excellence helps us create goals and standards for ourselves.
  • Understand being excellent can have PMI's.

LO's for Values:
  • That values help us to stand tall and strong when others fall over.
  • That values enable us to become people who can lead.
  • That we can see different points of views (POV) about values.

Meaning and Root Words
What can you discover about this word? 

Great Excellence Videos/Media
Health and Values Education Posters Banners and Resources
  • Why not create a short media item (picture or movie and upload to our Media Gallery Competition for this topic.)
  • Write in your blog about how you show or give loyalty at home and school, to teams, to your country. What could be your next step in excellence?
  • Why not write a guest blog for the "iNoticed" blog? Just spotting someone showing excellence and write about it. Send it to Mr Grieve for checking and publishing.
  • How does excellence connect with your school-wide year theme? Write a paragraph about this.
  • Take a Picture - Create a short 30sec video - a movie trailer. Upload these to our media gallery on the topic of excellence. A picture can say a thousand words apparently - maybe even one from your class activity.
  • Look at the Excellence Quotes below. Pick one for a poster. Can you add items that will illustrate this quote further?
  • Bring in articles from newspapers and magazines describing situations in which excellence or mediocrity are issues. Talk/write about who is demonstrating excellence.
  • Do a PMI on excellence.
  • Add to the Discussion. Go to the discussion area and add your own vote and great comments.
  • Music: Create a short piece of music telling a tale of excellence. Write or narrate an explanation.
  • Poster-Banner-Drawing-Presentation: Create a piece of artwork or presentation promoting the value. Check out good design principles here.
  • iPad Activity: Use Puppetpals, Toontastic, DoodleCast Pro, EduCreations etc to create a short play/story of characters showing the value. Scenes from school, at a birthday party, at sports etc.
  • iPad Activity: Create a poem exploring the value. Use an iPad app to record it for playback.

Excellence Quotes
Excellence Quotes

Poems to check out
Mediocrity - Senior Level
Each their Own Gift - Senior Level
  • Can you write an excellence poem with the letters of the word excellence, one each at the beginning of each line?

More Questions to Discuss
  • What others ways to be excellent can you think of?
  • What is excellent today may not be tomorrow? How true is this?
  • Does excellence require practice?
  • Why is excellence so important in relationships?
  • How is excellence a journey?
  • How did Jesus show excellence?
  • Excellence is always on, always growing, and always learning - true?
  • No one is born excellent - true?
  • Can animals show excellence?
  • What can you do to make this a more excellent world?
  • Do you consider yourself to be a person of excellence? Why, or why not? 
  • What does excellence have to do with the quality of your character?
  • Can excellence be fun?
  • Can excellence be collaborative? 
Media Questions/Activities
  • Use less than 30 words to retell the important message of your chosen video. 
  • Use 100 words to retell the message of the video.
  • Reflect on: How does the chosen video relate to excellence? What tries to stop excellence in the movie? What improves or enhances excellence?

Bible on Excellence