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Getting into Scratch coding with a Flipped video channel.

I have been working with Year 5 - 8 and online Scratch accounts. First of all be aware that there are teacher accounts - save the whole setting up accounts, usernames and forgotten passwords thing.
I started pupils in a class sense and then got them working on Flipped learning. A lot of talk around self-management, Digital Citizenship (especially digital footprints) to kick-off. 

Following the exploration of Scratch we will design te Reo games for our buddy classes and also enter in the Interface Scratch competition. Here is a link to my Flipped Learning Maze presentation (videos mostly OK). Dr Scratch is really cool to help do ongoing formative assessment (see presentation for link) - but peer assessment will be an ultimate judge for the games.

I was amazed about how quiet and focused the class became once we started flipped learning. Less problems, more thinking and differentiated learning - awesome!

Scratch Programmers Extraordinaire!

Joining the RoboScratchers Club in 2010 for the first time were two young learners... Chris Jung and Cameron Stevenson. What amazed me about these two is the fact that they went home, downloaded Scratch on their machines at home and worked on projects that excited them. Both are now "Ultra Experts" in using Scratch and are the "go-to" guys for tutoring others in the club. They led two teams to CCES (Canterbury Computers in Education Society), coming first and second in the competition (Chris' team beating Cameron's for 2010... nothing like a friendly rivalry!)

If you know how to use variables, sine, cos, have variables that write to files, create random generators then maybe you are getting close to their level of skill... they certainly know a lot more than me!

Luke Alderton Chosen for Great Poetry in Scratch.

Luke Alderton works with Mr Grieve for a couple of periods a week. He has used Scratch twice to create presentations. His have been chosen for the Medbury ICT Scratch Gallery where we post the best projects from around our school. His first one from 2009 is found here and the second from 2010 is here. Check them out to see how he has progressed from one year to another. If you like them, say so on this Scratch account.

He certainly is a great young fellow to work with, as he likes to keep pushing the learning boundaries.

Science Conference Christchurch

Had a good hour taking a workshop with the NZASE Christchurch conference. Created a few new resources for this, including a key competencies poster. It was interesting to see an emphasis in literacy in science coming through, although I think we will need to watch to see that that this emphasis does not take away from the "creation of scientists." Thanks to Simon Briscoe from Promethean who helped out with a portable board and tips on using science and IWB's.
Start with the conference overview handout here, to locate all the resources discussed or mentioned.
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