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MacOSX Apple and Windows freware programs for Education
These are the programs that we are currently utilsing within our one to one laptop programme. They are in order of those we use the most within our class or ICT programmes (or maybe I use them a lot as a professional!) Our Top Educational Freeware Selections Page 2 is here.
Program & Platform
Purpose, Classroom, Curriculum Area, Learning Application
Internet Browsers
Internet Browsers Top Educational Free Programs
Tops free software for Education
Chrome. Firefox. Other Internet browsers for when Safari (Mac) and Internet Explorer (Windows) don't have the features you desire. Chrome and Firefox now have large extension add-ins. (Safari has started down this route). Download Chrome here. Download Firefox here.
Open Office Neo Office
Open Source Office Suites
Tops free software for Education
Open Office is a suite of programs. Containing a database, presentation program, wordprocessor, drawing program and more it is an alternative to the MS equivalent. So much so that some cities have adopted this suite (versions available for all platforms) in their move to more open-source alternatives. Download here.
Neo Office is an easily installed Mac version of the Open Office, that in tests I have found converts word docs a little better. Download here.
Scratch Software for Education
Tops free software for Education
Scratch is a program from MIT in America. If there is one program that motivates in use then Scratch is one of the best. Useful for presentations, animation, inquiry across all topics and subject areas. Learn logic, programming skills, maths as well as the topic u=you are covering with it. More Scratch resources can be found here. Download here.
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Tops free software for Education
Recording and sound file editing. Requires also that you download another freebie called LameLib to create .mp3 files. Download here.
Google Sketchup
Google Sketchup software
Tops free software for Education
3D Design. Can be used in mapping units (draw island), technology units, social sciences, science and more. Links to educational ideas are here. Download here.
Google Earth
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Tops free software for Education
Earth, Sea, Sky and Space. Geography, social sciences and a wide range of learning topics. You can use in rich topics or units like: tourism, bridges, cities.. list goes on. Download here.
Onyx Education Software Free Education
Tops free software for Education
System maintenance for your OS X computer. Onyx is a great free utility that has a history of reliability in the important aspects of cleaning and optimising your ISX system. Download here.
Productivity Software MacOsx Free
Tops free software for Education
Alfred, system and web search, productivity tool that is a 2011 entrant on our list. It can improve your searching of sites or with search engines significantly with hot keys. Download here.
Freeware communications MacOSX Windows
Tops free software for Education
Video and voice calls, and instant messaging. A tool that can be used across all curriculum areas and topics. Multi-way conferencing is now available. Quality is good generally. Download here.
Youtube Freeware download software
Tops free software for Education
MacTubes is a freeware/donationware YouTube video player and downloader. iTunes-like user interface and easy operation. You can create playlists and download video files. Download here.
Hot Potatoes
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Tops free software for Education
Hot Potatoes is an authoring program that allows you to easily create online quizzes, crosswords, cloze exercises. (Examples here). These can be displayed via your intranet or internet site. The learning objects you create are able to give immediate feedback to users and track/mark their progress. Download here.
iPhoto Buddy
iPhoto Buddy freeware to manage iPhoto
Tops free software for Education
iPhoto Buddy is a Mac OS X application (Universal) that allows you to easily create, manage, and switch between multiple iPhoto Libraries. The advantages of splitting your One Huge Photo Library into multiple, smaller ones include improved iPhoto performance, increased flexibility in organizing your digital photo collection, and a consistency with most other Mac applications that allow their respective data to be stored in as many documents (in this case, "Libraries") as you like. Download here.
iPhoto Buddy freeware to manage iPhoto
Tops free software for Education
VLC. Alternative media player to Quicktime. Plays a wider range of filetypes. Has iOS, Linux and Windows versions. Download here.
FTP website uploads google freeware
Tops free software for Education
Cyberduck is a freeware (opensource) with an easy to use interface, connect to FTP (File Transfer Protocol), SFTP (SSH Secure File Transfer), WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning), Amazon S3, Google Storage, Windows Azure, Rackspace Cloud Files and even Google Docs. Download here.