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Tech Angels and ICT Crews
What about the best ways to train a crew of great ICT Angels, ICT talents, ICT Experts who can help teachers and other pupils in each class. Here we give you the tips and strategies for creating a great 'Crew', garnered from over 12 years of experience.

An I.C.T. Crew is the 5th column that you have in most classes, assisting teachers and other pupils with their "just in time" training and troubleshooting. They are the group of pupils that can be co-ordinating the publishing of your school creative news, or creating daily news, radio station updates, T.V. station shows, web-sties, music composing and recording, video and movie making, robotics and more. They help you create a culture of having a go in I.C.T. and celebrating the successes.

Other reasons:
  • You create pupils that are heavily on your side supporting positive use of I.C.T.
  • Pupils who support the Internet policies in your school and will often be those who quietly report to you problems they see occurring, they tend to take ownership and responsibility.
  • Many hands make light work. I have pupils who set up parts of networks, setup wireless networks, run AV and lighting, troubleshoot the pesky looped cat 5 cable and many other problems, take new computers out of boxes, re-image machines.
  • Your crew the basis of groups who can participate in I.C.T. competitions. In New Zealand we have CCES (Canterbury Computers in Education), Robotics RoboCup, Netguide Competition.

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